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My daughter was featured and her following increased! I'm not excited about that, I am excited that the people that followed her have become an intricate part of her journey through encouragement and mentorship. Its important to have a platform where people understand the value of walking in your purpose and being led by God. Thankful for BCI being a positive platform for entrepreneurs.


Welcome to our network of Black Christian Influencers. With a growing market of digital branding, it is now more important than ever, that believers share their stories with the world. 
Through online community building, we aim to unite the kingdom, by empowering the marginalized voice. Our network of influencers connect those from all professional backgrounds, to promote individuals making an impact in the community.
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Black Christian Influencers mission is to gather, support, and encourage an accessible network of individuals, from various professional backgrounds, that seek to enhance the kingdom through their online social presence.


We aim to promote social integrity through online interactions that exemplify the teachings of Christ.​​

We seek to offer opportunities for influencers to expand their platform through intentional collaboration

& spiritual support.






With influencer marketing predicted to become a $5-10 billion industry within just the next couple of years, brands of all kinds have been investing heavily in the contemporary advertising tactic. Now more than ever, it is imperative that Kingdom Influencers invest in.

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