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When you join today for just $1, 


  • A collaborative, supportive and Kingdom-inspired network

  • 1:1 Profile assessment

  • Profile feature on BCI App with over 200,000 subscribers

  • Bi-monthly coaching with influencer growth opportunities

Are you a leader in the black Christian community struggling to find other

like-minded black Christians to network with? Are you trying to get inspiration? New ideas? What about just having a support system?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you are ready for Black Christian Influencers.

Don’t! You don’t have to. 

BCI was developed for you: A leader in the black Christian community who needs a like-minded community committed to seeing you succeed, grow and flourish.

Black Christian Influencers, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, educators, motivational speakers, music producers and artists along with many other occupations, find immediate community, networking opportunities, encouragement and financial success.

JOIN other black Christian influencers today and get the tools to take your business, platform, or art to the next level.

As a Member of Black Christian Influencers, You Will Get Immediate and Exclusive Access To: 

  • Collaborative Network: Through our online and offline networking opportunities we facilitate a space for individuals to collaborate and support one another. 

  • Bi-Monthly Peer-Influencer Coaching:  Learn from a knowledgeable group of influencer consultants on how to improve your online presence and grow your platform. 

  • Small Group Networking: Through our IG platform of over 55,000 followers, we provide a space for influencers to connect with other influencers from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Featured App Profile: With over 200,000 impressions and over 55,000 followers, our App is proving to be one of the leading Christian innovations.

  • Monthly Influencer Trainings: Our goal is to not only promote our influencers but to also help you improve your public social media presence. 

  • City Chapter Networking: Influencers will have the opportunity to network in person with other influencers from their city. These events will include food, networking games, social media exposure, and a host of exclusive influencer opportunities at a discounted rate.

  • Member Discounts, Member-Only Retreat & Much More...

Disclaimer: Results listed above in our testimonial section are not guaranteed for every member. Successful outcomes vary regarding number of years of experience, experimentation and learning from mistakes. These results are used specifically as examples. Your particular results and outcomes will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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