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How To Rethink 2020

The times we are facing has forced many of us to rethink our methodology concerning how we conduct business, how we do education, how we do church, and our social interaction. I'm watching as many who are single that once stated they would never consider online dating now must reconsider. Even the education system is in the process of pivoting from traditional in-person engagement to virtual. 

The First Century church received a word from Jesus before his departure, where He told them that they would preach the gospel in Jerusalem (home), Judea, and unto the world's uttermost parts. These Jewish believers struggled with venturing out to engage beyond Jerusalem because it was SAFE to stay in Jerusalem! It took persecution to push them to reach the world. Perhaps you have been playing it safe for far too long. Maybe you've been playing it too safe in your career, or your love life, or your business. It has taken a pandemic to push us out of our comfort zone to engage the world differently. Many of us have not ever considered the fact that God has been preparing us for global engagement. 

It is time that we consider finding new ways to accomplish the same mission. We must become familiar with how to function with dynamics that create uncertainty. Here are a few things for you to consider in your moments of rethinking how to pivot:

  1. Take time to research other options for doing what you planned to do

  2. Don't be afraid to abandon your strategy to adopt a new one

  3. Allow yourself to be creative and try new methods even if you're not sure they will work

You have a significant opportunity right now to take your mission GLOBAL! People were waiting to receive the Apostles, just like people are waiting on you. Pivot, and you will prosper in everything you touch! 

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1 Comment

Alexandra Boone
Alexandra Boone
Jan 31, 2023

Major Gem: "Allow yourself to be creative and try new methods even if you're not sure they will work"

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