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"Small Changes"| Guest Bloggers, "The Rooted Life Podcast" Talk about Pivoting for God's Glory

If you've ever played or watched basketball, you know that being able to "pivot" is vital. Pivoting is essential in basketball because once you pick up your dribble, you have to stop moving. At this point, you're forced to ground one foot and use the other to move around and look for an open teammate or an open shot to the goal. At the same time, the opposing team may swarm you, raise their arms to prevent you from seeing your options, or attempt to steal the basketball from your grasp. This is when novice players panic, allowing the pressure to overwhelm them, which typically results in a poor decision. On the contrary, seasoned players keep calm; they ground one foot, refusing to be intimated, and confidently evaluate their options. They can either take advantage of an open shot, listen out for direction from the coach, or trust that one of their teammates will come to their rescue.

If there were ever a word we could lean into for 2020, that word would be pivot. This year has exposed us all - revealing the novice and seasoned players.

We started the year off confidently, with big plans, but quickly realized that this year would look nothing like we anticipated or had ever experienced. Before the end of the first quarter, we found

ourselves surrounded by the enemy's tactics, tragic news articles, and heartbreaking stories of black people being killed across America. As a result, we've all had to pivot, and when we did, we realized that options were limited. The lack of options caused many of us to lose perspective, panic, and lift the foot that was designed to remain grounded firmly in God's love, protection, and Word.

In our panic and fear, we lost sight of our purpose and turned the ball over, forgetting that

our Father was not only coaching us but had gone before us with provision to ensure we'd win the game. Even though we may have lost the ball, rest assured that when we are on God's team, it always ends up back in our hands.

So how do we pivot well ?

How do we maintain perspective when surrounded by the enemy, distractions, and fear?

We pivot well by always keeping one foot grounded in the truth of who our Father is and what

we've seen him do before. The pivot is only as strong as the grounded foot. The stronger and deeper you're grounded, the better you can pivot.

To remain grounded, we must first call out for help. We have to admit the reality of what we're facing and bring those feelings to God. Secondly, we have to let the reality of the Word supersede the reality of the world. Though we may see the enemy's swarming, our fear, or pain in front of us, we can set our sights on a much deeper truth. God is coaching our team, which means He is always drafting and calling plays to provide the direction we need to endure challenging situations. Lastly, we stay grounded by building a strong team. A strong team is a community of believers with whom we can be vulnerable. These are people who inspire us, challenge us, point us back to Christ, and who are quick to come to our rescue when we pick up our dribble.

When we keep one foot grounded in God's truths, we can use our available foot to acquire a new position and gain a fresh perspective.

As we pivot well in this season and for the rest of 2020, we believe we will see God use us for His glory, and we'll find ourselves winning on behalf of His kingdom.

What if our ability to pivot well in this season is the key to a new perspective, ideas, opportunities, or a chance to re-imagine our purpose? Comment below and share with us how you're pivoting for the rest of this year.

~The Rooted Life


Atlanta natives and District residents, Dorian and Morgan have been friends for over a decade. In 2018, when they reconnected in the nation’s capital, God prepared them for a season of complete transformation. What started as their personal faith journeys, evolved into The Rooted Life - a Christian platform that leads with transparency and truth while sharing life stories alongside the gospel.

Dorian & Morgan hope that those who engage with The Rooted Life would release the list of do’s and don’ts associated with religion and instead, develop or deepen their relationship with God. The Rooted Life seeks to extend the good news to as many lives as possible, and does so by challenging us to worship and witness because the more we know God, the better we reflect Him.

Photography Credit: Chesley McCarty, @thetangledtomato

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Alexandra Boone
Alexandra Boone
Jan 26, 2023

Great perspective on pivoting and God's role in that shift.

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