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You are the Journey (Part Two) Guest Blogger, Treveal CW Lynch, talks identity our purpose

Hey Influencer,

On Monday, Treveal CW Lynch painted a powerful image about God's unique way moving through all of our lives. If you didn't read it, check it out here. He's back for part two. Check it out!


Life is not about possession. It's about the process. Perhaps we've got it all wrong. Maybe the frustrations we encounter on the journey outside of us is only a tool purposed by God to plow a never-ending journey occurring inside of us. Perhaps we've become so overwhelmed with attempting to glorify God through what we achieve that we are hindering God from glorifying Himself through that which he has already achieved – US! Remember, we didn't create, plan, or strategize for ourselves; God did! We must pump the breaks and acknowledge - we are not only our Creator's image but His idea! Could it be that we don't know much about ourselves, so we know very little about the journey we are traveling? Perhaps our focus has been misguided through the idea of doing big things for God while remaining unaware that we are already the big thing God has done. With this perspective, I encourage you to allow life to take whatever course God has ordained and focus on being a contributor trusting Him to complete His plans. When we don't have God's perspective but our understanding, it is easy to become frustrated and angry with God, ourselves, and those around us. When we exert so much energy to achieve something we believe will bring the Kingdom glory, we might miss that we ARE what has already brought the Kingdom its greatest glory! You ARE the Journey!


Influencers, Treveal delivers a powerful call to action for us to embrace who God created us to be and then travel through live well with this perspective in mind.

Think about it?

What path have you been refusing to travel but could lead to the greatest destination on the journey called you? 


Want to be a guest blogger? Reach out to BCI to get connected to our Co-Blog Directors: Terasha Burrell or Dr. Nathan J. Culver.

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Major Gem: Life is not about possession. It's about the process.

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