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You (Woman) Were Made for This |Guest Blogger: Tiffany Hines Talks Strength of Women & COVID-19||

Who would have ever thought this month would take such a wild turn? This is my first experience witnessing the entire world go through a form of suffering all at once. For many people, this has sent your anxiety to a new record-breaking peak. For others around the world, they have experienced national panic many times and have a sense of calm that things will work out. As a woman, I find us in a peculiar place of many questions that are arising. How has this affected your womanhood? Are you feeling empowered, or are you struggling with inadequacy?

Moms: "My kids are home, and I'm feeling unequipped to take on more projects to ensure the kids have some form of normalcy and don't drive me to the nearest bridge. And no, you can't come with me to the bridge, Billy!"

Wives: "Wow! We have been so busy for so long, and now we are home and bumping heads all the time." Others might be saying, "We are having a blast reconnecting and spending more time with each other—#putonthemarvingaye #putontheusher.

Single Women: "All these changes. On top of having to make adjustments like everyone else, I'm going through it alone." If there were a word for singleness right now, it would be "Coronavirus." That was my words to a friend when she asked me how I was doing.

Of course, everyone doesn't fit into these situations, but I've seen the uproar on social media all week, and these paraphrased quotes are real.

Could it be the restlessness you feel right now is attached to something in one of your roles as a woman? There is a battle brewing. Will you contend, or will the changing climate of the world overcome you?

The biggest thing that has given me great peace in times of hardship, pain, loss, and even triumphs is that God is NEVER SURPRISED by any of it. I'll say that again. God is NOT surprised by COVID-19! Which means He has a plan. We serve a God that is never caught off guard and is so intentional. Here comes the winner-mindset: this means He has a plan for us. All we have to do is get in alignment with it. It may take longer than I expected, but I have personally found comfort in knowing God has a plan for Tiffany. Now, here is where I hope to speak directly to you. Not only does God have a design and strategy for you RIGHT NOW, but He has placed the tools inside of you to kill this season of life, and for this season to be your greatest one yet.

God has a special love for women. He has built us to endure hard things and birth legacy. Did you hear me? You can produce a legacy in your life that will outlive you, beloved. I don't know about you, but I don't want to miss this time on earth to be a powerful woman serving an amazing God, doing great things. We were made for this. Don't doubt yourself. Don't allow the social distancing to make you question His plans for you.

Listen to the Father, and do not worry about everyone else. He has some strategy He wants to share with you.

Your future is secured. Proverbs 23:18-19 says,

"Your future is bright and filled with a living hope

that will never fade away.

As you listen to me, my beloved child,

you will grow in wisdom and your heart

will be drawn into understanding,

which will empower you to make right decisions."

Women, God has given us a beautiful, creative, and innovative mind. Fear may come, but it's not from the Lord. Therefore, it has to go.

Call to Action

As soon as you feel like you are talking yourself out of an idea, write down that doubt/problem and ask yourself, "Why can't I?" Now that you've exposed it, write down what you can do during this season and RUN with that!

During this time of uncertainty, I hope you find new strength in your womanhood and your position as a daughter of God. We need your strength, your nurture, your fire, your spiritual gifts, your voice, your writing, and your business ideas. I hope you experience a stronger sense of community that we are in this together. We are rooting for you. You were born for such a time as this!


Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany Hines is a singer-songwriter based out of Chicago. She is a prophetic voice with a deep love for Jesus, music, singing, writing, and people from all walks of life. Tiffany is passionate about what she calls modern missions, "Creating powerful spaces of quality music for those whether in a remote country or prominent place but both poor in spirit. Sharing hope through her voice."

Music is the avenue Tiffany uses to connect and bring awareness of just how near God is to the human spirit. Tiffany is currently working on new music f

or her first solo project!

Connect with Tiffany: Instagram|Facebook|YouTube

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