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Privacy Policy


Our primary goals in collecting information are to provide and improve our Services, to

administer your use of the Services (including your Account, if you are an Account holder), and to enable you to enjoy and easily navigate our Services.


The information gathered when you interact with Black Christian Influencers Inc. includes non-personal information collected through technology, which includes tracking information collected by us as well as third parties.


By visiting you agree to pixel tracking, "cookies", and other similar technologies. We may transmit non-personally identifiable website usage information to third parties in order to show you advertising when you visit other sites.


Cancellation Policy


Membership Agreement


This membership agreement (“Membership Agreement”) explains the agreement between you and Black Christian Influencers Inc. (“we” or “BCI Inc.”). You must read this Membership Agreement and the BCI Inc. Privacy Policy available at (“Site”), accept their terms, and complete this form to initiate your membership approval process.

By completing and submitting this form, you understand, agree, and attest to the following:

I support the mission of Black Christian Influencers to build an inclusive, diverse, and open community of Influencers and to support the members of this community.

The information on this application is accurate and will be used to determine my eligibility for membership in BCI Inc.

I am encouraged to join and participate in other networking groups and am not required to be a member exclusively of BCI Inc.

If I resign from BCI Inc., or my membership is terminated, my membership and any renewal dues paid are non-refundable.


BCI Inc. reserves the right to change its membership program at any time effective immediately. BCI Inc. will notify members of substantive changes via the contact information provided by each member.

I assume full responsibility for any information that I post on the BCI Inc. Site and any of its social media pages (including, but not limited to, its Facebook® & Instagram pages) and warrant that any material posted will not infringe on the privacy, intellectual property, or publicity rights of any third party.

BCI Inc. is not responsible for reviewing and monitoring any information published or distributed by its members through its Site or social media.

BCI Inc. may at any time remove any Member material that it deems in its sole discretion to be offensive or inappropriate.

I understand and agree that I am not an agent of BCI Inc. and that, regardless of my role within a group, I do not have authority to and will not enter into any agreement or contract on behalf of BCI Inc.

My membership may be terminated if I breach this Membership Agreement or my conduct is deemed detrimental to the BCI Inc. mission.

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