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Houston Chapter President

Samiah Thomas

Hi! My name is Samiah Thomas, and I’m honored to serve as the BCI Houston Chapter president! I’m looking forward to us growing as a soul-influencing community in the body of Christ! It’s important that we are unified so that we can serve the Houston community in a way that amplifies that Name and love of Christ. Plus, we will have some good fun together once Rona sits herself down somewhere! We are pioneering this thing together and that’s pretty exciting! 


I work as an educator, serving as a behavior specialist for a local school district. I support students who have behavior challenges and need a little extra tinder love and care. I’m also certified in school counseling. Outside of that, I am a health and life coach in training, helping women to transform their health, be their best self and glow. I thoroughly enjoy coaching others and guiding them along their journey to a better quality of life. LLC on the way! 

BCI Chapter's Mission

BCI’s mission is to create an opportunity, responsibility and commitment for Black entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to promote the Christian principals and keys to Kingdom living thru our events, social and business interactions within our communities.

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