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5 Chicago-Based Black Mental Wellness Pages To Follow

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I recently read a startling statistic that stated Black male suicides are rising faster than any other racial group. This past November, I watched my family endure one of the worst times in our lives after my 18 year-old cousin's suicide. This January, the heartbreaking death of Regina King's son, pushed me to be more proactive about mental health in the Black community. Mental health awareness, by far, is not limited to suicide awareness. Directing our attention to the Black mental well-being is an urgency at large. While Black History Month is certainly a time of celebration, I believe it's also a reminder to be intentional about bettering ourselves and the people around us.

I compiled a list of 5 resources that have benefited myself or someone I know. These resources range from podcasts, to Black Mental Health Professionals, to non-profit organizations, to physical wellness. They are each owned and operated by Black professionals who are passionate about nourishing the mental health of our people.

Cultivate Your Essence

Black, Female, Skillfully Trained Therapists

Live Right App

Mental and Physical Wellness

You Simplified Podcast with Curissa Sutherland-Smith, CRC, LPC

Unlock Your Authentic Self While Discovering Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Coffee, Hip-Hop, and Mental Health

Individual and Group Therapy

The Healing Chi

Spaces Dedicated to Black Men to Achieve Their Best Selves Holistically

This month, and hopefully all year 'round, I hope you continue to place your mental well-being at the forefront. Take advantage of the resources provided to you that are for you! Finally, remember to be kind, and extend God's grace to others - you never know who needs it most.


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