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A God Shift: From Disruption to Destiny with TV Show Host and Author Shayna Rattler

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Raise your hand if you've ever reached a point of disruption in your life that left you puzzled about your next steps in God's real purpose for you. Look no further. Shayna Rattler, founder of the God Shift ™ Movement, is here to help propel you through your personal God Shift, from disruption to destiny.

Shayna is a prophetic minister, author, and speaker who empowers individuals and organizations around the world. Shayna is known for her work with celebrities, influencers, military officers, political dignitaries, pastors, corporate executives and seasoned entrepreneurs in the effort to achieve organizational excellence. She and her businesses have received multiple awards. Shayna has published 4 books and has been featured in over 450 media outlets including ABC, FOX, and CBS. Shayna also hosts the God Shift Podcast and the God Shift TV show.

Meet BCI Member, Shayna (@agodshift)

What inspired you to found the God Shift?

One of the things I discovered in my life or working with people, is that so many of us are putting energy in things we shouldn't be putting energy into, and not walking out our destiny. It’s disturbing to me. I believe those circumstances are God's way to get your attention by inviting you to pursue His plans for you.

You describe a God Shift:

“The moment of disruption in your life collides with God’s purpose and moves you into a greater destiny.” What was your God Shift?

I actually have had two God shifts. One had to happen. The other, I imposed on myself and didn't actually have to be there. I used to have a multiple 6-figure consulting business that all of a sudden dried up. I was getting these little nudges for myself and from others that I was supposed to be a minister. My second God Shift moment is what delayed my ultimate destiny that God had for me. God gave me a very clear vision that I was going to have a television show. He said that I was going to preach and speak in stadiums, working with celebrities and politicians.

I ended up making the mistake of having a new vision and filtering it through an old perspective.

I find that any time you've been in an industry for any amount of time, it’s hard not to see anything from another perspective. So, I ended up making the mistake of having a new vision and filtering it through an old perspective. I took what God told me for ministry and I created a coaching business out of it. But all year long [in 2020], something just felt off. Since December 30, A God Shift was created and I published my book A God Shift.

What advice would you give to others while facing their moment of "disruption?"

The conversations I find myself having with people who are in disruption is that they don't believe they're prepared, even when the Word clearly says He's preparing us for what He has for us. A lot of times, we think we need additional confirmation when that could really just be an idol. We want God to repeat what He's already clearly said, usually because there’s some level of fear and doubt in ourselves. Many Christians don't struggle to believe in God; we struggle to believe in ourselves.

Disruption doesn't always have to be a negative thing. Everything we want is on the other side of surrender.

What can we learn from your book, A God Shift?

People can look forward to not only creative content, but practical application. One of the ways I believe the church has failed us is that it knows how to make us happy and shout, but once you come down after that high on Monday morning, you don’t really know what to do. In my book, you can expect a Biblical foundation with practical application.

Tune into the premier of Shayna's new TV show, A God Shift with Shayna Rattler on Thursday, May, 6! You can find it on the SGA Faith network on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon FireStick. Follow Shayna on instagram at @agodshift for more updates on everything A God Shift.

Thank you, Shayna!


Editor: Nia Stringfellow

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1 Comment

Alexandra Boone
Alexandra Boone
Jan 12, 2023

Major Gem: "Many Christians don't struggle to believe in God; we struggle to believe in ourselves."

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