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We are Black History

Influencer KevOnStage posted a video of his son sharing his unpopular opinion that history class should not be required. Spoiler alert, this young man had some valid points. It sparked some thought of how important teaching the past has to be for a bright future. You know the saying, "If we don't learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it."

We should never stop learning about African American history and beyond. There's so much richness in our history. However, I propose that we should also look for opportunities to create history. We should adopt the spirit of innovation and freedom to create opportunities to make an impact. We should be looking to make history for our children's children to be proud.

Even though Serena Williams did not create the game of tennis, she has made history as a black female tennis player. Williams is arguably the best tennis player ever, regardless of race or gender.

As black Christian influencers, we are problem solvers. We should be looking for our calling and purpose to help solve problems to glorify God. We should be creating black history and solutions that change the world.

Are you looking for opportunities to create new black history moments? Let's remember the past, but consider looking forward and claim your place in history.


Is That LV?

Levellyn 'LV' Hunter, born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He attended Flint Northern High School graduating in 2003 and then attended Saginaw Valley State University. LV served as a radio personality and Promotions Director at WRCL Club 93.7 for 8 years and WQHH 96.5 in Lansing as the Assistance Program Director.  After growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs, LV decided to carry on the tradition by starting The Daily Brew Coffee which provides specialty coffee and tea. The Daily Brew Coffee has shipped coffee as far as Costa Rica and serves as a Pop-Up Barista in throughout Mid- Michigan. LV loves conversations with complete strangers who quickly become his friends.

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