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We Are Tired but We Are Together

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I don't have to ask how you are doing, Influencer. All of our heads are reeling with the weight of current events. If I were to list the names (their names not hashtags) one by one of our brothers and sisters whose lives were cut short at the hands of police brutality and racism or counted the years we have dealt with systematic racism and discrimination, we would be here all day. I am tired. You are tired. We are tired. Whatever end of the spectrum you find yourself on today, I want to encourage you that while we are tired, we are together. The media tries to paint a narrative that isn't always the most accurate representation of the camaraderie and familial spirit we share in OUR community. It's especially not true of BCI.

We've built this network not just to collaborate and push each other forward in our God-given gifts and purpose, but we are family.

While you are brainstorming, reposting, and helping each other in the various projects we see you working on, don't forget to leave space to pray and have conversations to help each other process your emotions as we push forward.

The most influential leaders are healthy leaders.

We want you to know we are praying for you, but behind those prayers is a call to organize, show solidarity, use your talents, and show up in the ways God has gifted you to do.


Organize community efforts to protest (peacefully), sign petitions, and love on your neighbor.

Show Solidarity

Justice for all can't happen without building solidarity across issues, communities, and movements. While you are building, leave room at the table all to come.

Use your Talents

How can you use your creativity and talents to inspire your community, build awareness, or help fuel movements?

Show Up

It is healthy to step away for your mental health, We encourage doing what you need to be well, but then SPEAK UP for the generations who came before you, and those who will come after. Stay loud and drown out the silence of indifference. Stay loud until we have justice for our people, and then get louder.

We are tired, but we are fighting together. Don't for a second think that God can't use what you possess right in the middle of pandemonium. Your voice matters.

BCI Strong!

BCI Co-Blog Director

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Major Gem: While you are building, leave room at the table all to come.


This is one of the most inspiring articles I’ve read that truly speaks truth to power. Much of our youth are concerned and involved, stepping up, speaking out, showing up. Our world is destined to change because you (they and us) care. As the proverb attests, “it takes a village.” We are Ubuntu; the sooner we realize this, the greater our world will become. Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, God has a dream for our world.” What will your role be? Thank you, Destini, TOL, and BCI for picking up the mantle. Never lose hope.


I’m so proud of you Destini! & everyone involved, beautiful <3, enough is enough.


I am so proud of my daughter Destini Bryant who used her gift to bring about a movement for her generation and the generations to come after her. We are so proud of our daughter and all of the youth that decided to Step Out and Speak Up for justice. We thank God for this group (Throughourlens).


Thank you for supporting the young movement!!❤️🙏🏽

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